WHAT TO WEAR | women

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY so we can photograph you looking your very best.

• Please choose your outfits in advance and try them on to ensure a proper fit.

• Clothes should be clean, freshly pressed, and free of lint and animal hair.

• Please bring your clothing on hangers to avoid wrinkles, and change right before your photo

• Please bring only long-sleeved tops unless you’re planning to wear a jacket or sweater.

• Please bring only solid-colored tops with a simple neckline.

• Please avoid white or pastels, as well as patterns, checks, plaids, or stripes, please. This is VERY important. We do not offer retouching on patterned clothing 

• If possible, bring a few different outfits or tops and if time allows we'll photograph you in more than one.

• Unless you've opted to use our hair/makeup artist, please bring any hairspray or other product you need, as well as face powder and lipstick to compliment your outfit.

• Please bring any jewelry you plan to wear. Simple, classic earrings and necklaces work best so that the attention will be on your face and eyes.

• If you have a personal brand or work for a company with specific brand colors, consider subtly incorporating those into your outfit.

• Please get good night’s sleep. Drink plenty of water the night before and the morning of your photo session.

Remember, the key is to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and represents your professional identity. Choose clothing that aligns with your industry and the image you want to convey to clients and colleagues. With the right outfit and a confident demeanor, you'll have a business headshot that speaks volumes about your professionalism and competence.