Convention Headshots


Dozens of eager people are lined up for headshots at your corporate event. You need a photographer who won't lose their cool, who's great with crowds, and can maintain their poise and sense of humor hour after hour, all while capturing great headshots.

No sweat. From quickly ushering people in and out to keep things moving to hair/clothing adjustments to make everyone camera-ready, we've got all the take-charge skills to minimize stress. We'll handle it all with a sunny smile and endless energy. While you're handling the thousands of details that go with planning a huge event, you can check this one off your list. We've got you covered!

Trust the pros at High Profile Headshots in Austin, Texas to deliver photos that will delight everyone, and make you look like a headshot hero.


Half day (4 hours) $1450.00

Full day (hours) $2550.00

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How many people can you photograph in an hour??

We pride ourselves on thriving under pressure, so keep 'em coming! As long as can we take short coffee breaks and eat occassionally, one photographer can accommodate as many as 150 people/day before needing a nap.

What if we need more than one photographer?

When you say "Jump!" we say "How high?!"
Give us the word, and we'll bring in extra hands to get the job done right.

How do you deliver the images to us?

We'll sift through the photos and send only the best ones via email, Dropbox or Google Drive, whichever you prefer. If you'd like us to host a gallery with your branding and a download link for your guests, we offer that service as well.

Can you keep track of people's names and email addresses?

No sweat! We can even name each photo for you. We've got your back, We've got your back, making sure every detail is just right.

Do you travel outside of Austin?

You bet! We've photographed corporate events and trade shows all over the country. Our rates don't include travel expenses, but we'll bill those to you with no markup.


T.J. Mendieta

The folks at High Profile Headshots were very communicative and easy to work with from the moment we contracted them, and took great care of our attendees as well.

John's big, fun personality helped put people at ease, and he took special care to make sure that folks looked their best. The headshots he took of me are the best I've had in years. I'm so very glad we found High Profile Headhshots and would definitely recommend them."

Michelle Florence

"One of the best decisions I've ever made was hiring High Profile Headshots to take headshots of more than 300 employees in 5 cities across Texas. John and his team made this huge effort go smoothly with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The end results were fabulous, went beyond my expectations and everyone loved them. He asked all the right questions and there was no stress or second-guessing. John is a great photographer whom I will definitely hire again."

nancy woodworth

"I needed a photo for our company website and it was recommended to go to High Profile Headshots. It was the best decision I made! John has a welcoming and genuine personality that makes you feel good about yourself and relaxed during the photo shoot. From the little marquee as you walk into the studio that said "Welcome, Nancy" to John's sincere conversation, you immediately feel relaxed and like you've known John all of your life. Not to mention, he made me look terrific! I would highly recommend HIgh Profile Headshots for any photoshoot."

Ready to book your session or need more info?

Please call/text us at 512.720.1340 or click on the button below.