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Headshots from multiple photographers, different lighting setups and photos dating back to the MySpace era? Dave from accounting even managed to sneak in a cringeworthy selfie! Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a freshen up, High Profile Headshots is here to elevate your headshot game and help you put your company’s best face forward.


Half day (3.5 hours of photography): $1350.00

Full day (7.5 hours of photography) $2250.00


$85.00 per individual or group (up to 5 people)

6-10 people $75.00 each

11- 15 people $65.00 each

If you need photos of more than 15 people, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Put your company's best face forward

  • SKIP THE STUDIO SHUFFLE: Having High Profile Headshots come to your office means no time spent traveling.
  • HOME SWEET HOME: Being in familiar surroundings helps everyone feel more relaxed and at ease during the photoshoot. This comfort translates into natural and genuine expressions, resulting in more authentic headshots.
  • KEEP IT COHESIVE: Having all your team members' photographed with the same background and lighting ensures consistent branding across your website, social media, and marketing materials and presents a unified and professional image to clients and partners.
  • SCHEDULING IS A BREEZE: We make it easy for everyone to get their headshots without disrupting their meetings, calls or workflow.
  • KNOW-HOW: We're experts in lighting, composition, posing and ensuring that your headshots look polished and flattering.
  • IF YOU'VE GOT IT, FLAUNT IT: Including elements of your office in the background can give clients and partners a glimpse into your work environment, fostering a sense of transparency and authenticity.
  • WHILE WE'RE AT IT: Need candid shots of your team in action, images of your facility, aerial photos, or video interviews? We offer a diverse range of visuals for your marketing materials. We've got you covered!


How many people can you photograph in an hour?

We've found that 10-15 minutes with each person is the sweet spot. A big part of what makes High Profile Headshots unique is taking the time to help people relax in front of the camera. That said, we can work as quickly as needed to accommodate your team’s schedule.

If fewer people show up than we anticipated, do we receive a partial refund?

Our rates are based on our expertise plus a fee to cover our time. There isn't a "per person" fee, but there is a charge for retouching each of the photos you order.

We need a group photo of our executives, but scheduling conflicts make that impossible. Any suggestions?

For groups smaller than 10-12 people, we recommend photographing each person individually with the same backdrop and lighting. Then we'll digitally compile them into a cohesive group shot, eliminating scheduling nightmares. This also gives you the flexibility to swap people in and out when personnel changes, without the need for another group photo.

What should people wear?

We'll provide a handy style guide with some outfit tips and suggestions that you can share with everyone who's being photographed. We recommend deciding on a dress code beforehand and asking everyone to dress accordingly.

Do you provide a hair and makeup artist?

Absolutely! For an additional fee we can arrange for hair and makeup artists to be on-site for a stress-free start-to-finish experience. For multi-person photoshoots, they'll focus on quick touch-ups only.

We're a real estate firm. Can you set up at our office and have our agents pay you directly?

We'd be delighted to! Your firm would need to guarantee our rate and pay a deposit. Alternatively, agents can book photo sessions at our studio on an individual basis.


melanie sommer

"John is a true artist. His headshot process is as easy as painting by numbers for beautiful results every time. He helped me tell the story of my business in a way that was comfortable, authentic, and clear. It is a true honor to work with John and I’d recommend him time and time again."

shannon clifton

"When John started shooting the headshots for our law firm, everyone raved about him – "He is our new photographer! No one else. Ever." (This is a true story!) I told them I had already decided exactly that without their input, but that it was much appreciated!

So for the past 14 or so years, he has been lovingly taking our headshots and group photos. Every single time I send a new hire to his studio to take their headshot, they always come back with some joyful or lovely anecdote to share about their experience with John that day. He really does have a special way with humans. He gets an eleven out of ten rating from us!"

kent nutt

"I’ve worked with John Langford for 25 years. His warm personality and sense of humor immediately sets you at ease. He lets you know in advance the right clothes to wear for the best headshot results. During the session, John gives clear instructions and does whatever it takes to achieve the best possible images. You’re having fun while John gets shots that present you at your best.

John is a true professional and working with him is an enjoyable experience. He’s done two headshot sessions for me in the past 10 years and I highly recommend him.

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