location headshots


45 mins: $750.00

Additional hour: $175.00

Includes and online gallery of proofs and 2 selections per hour of shooting time.

Additional images $85.00 each.

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Where should we shoot? What do I wear? Do I need any props?

Leave that to us.
We'll schedule the photo session far enough out that we have time to get a good sense of what you do and the story you want to tell. We'll scout locations if necessary and make recommendations re: what to wear and which hat to bring.

I'd like to shoot outdoors. What if it rains?

We'll keep an eye on the weather and if looks like rain we'll come up with a Plan B. Please keep in mind that we don't have any control over clouds, wind, crowds, animals, traffic or noise.

Can we add a family photo onto our session?



mike robertson | speaker

"John was very prompt to respond, answered all my questions, and — most importantly — GOT what I was looking for. He has a great eye, makes good suggestions re: poses and expressions, and I was super-thrilled with the results. Everyone has been impressed because he truly captured my sense of humor. These are the best promo shots I've ever had! The bonus is that John is such a nice, funny guy, easy to talk with, and very creative. You will NOT be disappointed!"

KERRY TATE|home builder

"John is a new world master of photographic portraiture whose technical tools support his true gift of capturing authenticity. Artful lighting is his canvas, but this pro brings an intuitive gift able to reveal a "true self" image. He's a charming, top-notch, savvy photographer with soul and a sixth sense shooting people. Five stars for John, based on personal and professional experience, is a no-brainer rating for this client."

michael moss | film maker

"I'll readily admit that having my photograph taken ranks along side a visit to the dentist. Thankfully, John quickly proved why he's the "go-to" guy for professional portraits. He has a remarkable gift for turning your photo session into a joyful experience that delivers amazing results. He made me feel like my portrait was the most thrilling photograph he'd ever taken. That's the magic and skill of a real pro. Go have some fun and be rewarded with a killer portrait."

Put Your Best Face Forward

Showing a person's environment tells a story about who they are and what they do. We aim to capture our clients' essence in their unique settings.

Our skilled photographers have an innate ability to find the perfect balance between the subject and their surroundings, creating visually stunning compositions. Whether it's a carefully curated interior, a swimming pool, we strive to showcase the harmonious relationship between the person and their environment.

With meticulous attention to detail, we take the time to understand the personality, passions, and aspirations of each individual we photograph. By immersing ourselves in their world, we can capture genuine moments that reflect their true essence. We believe that these portraits not only celebrate the beauty of the person but also reveal the narrative in their surroundings.

Every environmental portrait is a collaboration between our photographers and our subjects, resulting in images that are authentic, evocative, and filled with emotion. We aim to go beyond the surface, capturing the unique stories and perspectives that make each person truly extraordinary. Our environmental portraits offer a powerful way to to tell your story through captivating imagery.